Equal Housing Opportunity

All homes listed on NorthIowaRental.com are subject to the federal Fair Housing Act. NorthIowaRental.com is against any content that specifically advertises “any discrimination based on color, race, sex, handicap, national origin, religion, or familial status, or desire to discriminate” for the purpose of selecting renters.

Discrimination is treatment of potential or current renters based on their race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin. These same renters and landlords are barred from knowingly allowing agents, salespersons or brokers to exhibit similar discrimination.

Similarly, any person acting on behalf of a landlord may not advertise a property with the intention of only showing it to home seekers who match a particular “color, race, sex, handicap, national origin, religion, or familial status.” You and your family have a right to pursue housing advertisements, tour homes, and meet with rental agents without being discriminated against. You also have a right to view the same housing options as other potential renters while receiving professional and dedicated service.

If you suspect rental discrimination on NorthIowaRental.com, please contact us immediately. Even if your online rental experience was fair and honest, we want to know if any landlord listed on NorthIowaRental.com has displayed unfair and discriminatory practices in person. We are proud to honor a zero tolerance policy against renter preference based on any limitation, or discrimination because of color, race, sex, handicap, national origin, religion, or familial status.

To report home rental discrimination caused by landlords not associated with NorthIowaRental.com, please contact the Department of Housing and Urban Development. You can find your local office by calling 1-800-699-9777. Also, check the below Hud Resources:

Fair Housing Homepage:


Your Rights:


How To File A Housing Discrimination Complaint:


Do not be afraid to speak up at any sign of housing discrimination. Many states and local municipalities have their own rules and regulations regarding your rights to fair housing choices. You may want to consider contacting your local police force and the Better Business Bureau to voice your complaints.